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Daily Sex Dose – Daily Clam

by admin on May.27, 2014, under Alexa

Today two beautiful, lusty blondes will provide your daily sex dose. Alexa and Claire are big time cock-fanatics, but they won’t say no for a pussy from time to time. This is one of those occasions when they have the appetite to lick some clam, and we were quick to share it with you.


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Cuties Galore – Giant sex toys

by admin on Jul.02, 2013, under Alexa

Sometimes, when our cuties get bored, they tried to entertain themselves to going further than usual. Instead of teasing themselves with their fingers or regular dildos, they made a competition to find the biggest toys available and fuck their pussies into oblivion with it. We gathered some of the best giant toy scenes they made into a hot compilation, in hope you’ll like that as much as we did.


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Lezcuties – Backstage for October 2009

by admin on Feb.12, 2011, under Alexa

Cuties galore, you might say… and in fact, we’ve shot so many beautiful girls this month that I could hardly put all backstage online. Yes, it was very hard to do the selection, but I think you don’t mind getting flooded with cute girls like these…!


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Lezcuties – Backstage for September 2009

by admin on Feb.12, 2011, under Alexa

September has arrived and since most of our babes continue their studies, we managed to do a shooting, and fortunately all our favorites were free: yes, you’ll see Ally who’s all smiles, as always, my muse Alisa, cuter than ever, petite Reyna, kinky Ingrid attacking Alexa’s pert butt… lots of fun!


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Lezcuties – Shy baby

by admin on Feb.12, 2011, under Alexa

Ingrid was so shy when she was at my place. I told her to relax, but she just couldn’t… When I touched her nipples I could feel a hot shiver was going through her whole body. I knew what that meant; her pussy became wet and she didn’t want me to stop! And I didn’t either! I was licking her pussy and petting her body until she had orgasm. She said “Thanks, Alexa, now I can relax…”


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Cuties Galore – CutiesGalore presents Alexa

by admin on Feb.12, 2011, under Alexa

Hey, here’s Alexa! I’m nineteen and my biggest hobby is riding a bike. You know why gals like ridin’ a bike? Because of the seat… it may sound stupid, but it stimulates the nerve endings of the loins, its hardness rubs the pubic zone constantly… No wonder I often could not resist the temptation to continue the play with my pussy! This time I even use my antiperspirant deo… but not in a way you might think of!


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Lezcuties – Backstage for June 2008

by admin on Feb.12, 2011, under Alexa

A few bloopers, the typical “don’t look in the camera please” pictures, lots of laughter and the reality in this month’s backstage update. Follow Reyna cleaning the room before scene, or entertain her as she waits for her girl’s make-up. Take a look at how Sunny cheers everyone up in the room, when she playfully starts to strip!


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Lezcuties – Bottoms up!

by admin on Feb.12, 2011, under Alexa

‘Bottoms up!’, said Alexa and clinked her glass of wine to Reyna’s. ‘But what are we celebrating?’ asked the dark-haired petite babe. ‘Well, nothing special. But do we need a reason to have fun?’ asked the young blondine as softly kissed her on the lips…


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Lezcuties – Backstage for April 2008

by admin on Feb.12, 2011, under Alexa

Celebrating one year of backstage photographing, this time I feature even more outdoor portfolio-like shots, a whole lot of takeouts and bloopers, and the funniest behind-the-scene moments of last month’s shooting sessions. Enjoy!


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Lezcuties – Erotic literature

by admin on Feb.12, 2011, under Alexa

Marielou is so much absorbed in her reading she doesn’t notice that two of her dorm friends stepped into her room. But what is she reading so raptly? She recently discovered an upper bookshelf, with lots of nasty books there… Yes, full of erotic literature! No wonder she’s so engrossed in it…


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