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Pho King Asians #04 – Aubree Ice & Will Pounder

by admin on Feb.09, 2019, under Asian

Aubree Ice is amazed that Will Pounder has a castle! Daddy’s boy has more than a castle to give her, and that is Pho, her favorite. She actually got him a little something as well. Her sweet pussy to fuck!

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Pho King Asians #04 – Elle Voneva & Mike Mancini

by admin on Feb.08, 2019, under Asian

Mike Mancini really enjoys his favorite Pho restaurant, the food is great the service is great and the staff is… get your dick out and jack off HOT. Elle Voneva teases Mike without even knowing it as she cleans up and gets fucked.

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Pho King Asians #04 – Loni Legend & Sterling

by admin on Feb.02, 2019, under Asian

When Sterling room service arrives it is quit PHO-tastic. Loni is the cute waitress with some amazing PHO and with one thing in mind… well two things in mind. 1. Customer Service… 2. That big fat dick. She really goes the extra mile to make sure his stay is perfect. Horny Loni Legend

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Pho King Asians #04 – Marica Hase & Donnie Rock

by admin on Jan.31, 2019, under Asian

Marcia Hase has a special surprise for her boyfriend Donnie Rock. It’s his favorite Pho and a special outfit. As much as Donnie loves his pho, he loves Marica sweet Asian pussy much better.

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Saints & Sinners – Isiah Maxwell & Kendra Spade

by admin on Nov.04, 2018, under Asian

Kendra Spade fantasizes about how slutty a girl she can be. She is tired of being such a one man girl. She wants to branch out and get more cock. Bigger cock, darker meat. She dreams she sends out a message on social media for a gorgeous black man to show up at her house and let himself in. Once inside her room, he can do whatever he wants with her. Face-fuck her, pound her pussy, eat her asshole, jam his huge cock up her ass. Orgasm after orgasm awaits her as she is rewarded with a face full of hot man juice.

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Saints & Sinners – Nathan Bronson & Kendra Spade

by admin on Nov.03, 2018, under Asian

Kendra Spade fantasizes about the picture perfect life for a woman. Settling down with a handsome rich hunk and cooking for him. He comes in and whisks her into their boudoir for romantic lovemaking. No cussing, no slutting around, just pure romance.

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Pho King Asians #03 – Brad Sterling & Kaya Lin

by admin on Jun.27, 2018, under Asian

Kaya Lin and Brad Sterling were college fuck buddies back in the dorms. When Brad gets an invitation in Los Angeles he shows up at Kaya’s place. Kaya shows him how she is now making money as a webcam model. She offers to let him stay there while he looks for a job but he has to also be on her webcam show. Brad never saw himself as a sex worker but how do you turn down this hot little Asian pussy? You don’t.

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Pho King Asians #03 – Brad Knight & Eva Yi

by admin on Jun.25, 2018, under Asian

Mr.Knight has been eyeing the Asian exchange student ever since she came to live with his family. Eva is a shy quiet bookworm type that is always studying. Such a mysterious little fortune cookie. Mr.Knight has become fixated on her. One day he takes a change when his wife is gone and walks into her room. Eva opens her legs and gives him the invitation he’s been dreaming of. He has crossed the line but sometimes lines must be crossed. He walks over and drops his enormous dong onto her head. She sucks the hell out of his dick and soon he is riding balls deep into her wet sushi pit.

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Pho King Asians #03 – Rob Carpenter & Elle Voneva

by admin on Jun.23, 2018, under Asian

Rob loves his Pho. It’s all he wants wants to eat. Sometimes his Asian honey Elle thinks he likes the Pho more than her. So today she gives him the option – Pho or her cookie. It’s a hard choice but Rob gives into eating her pussy. After-all, a man cannot live on Pho alone. But a Pho King Asian – well that’s another story.

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Pho King Asians #03 – Jake Adams & Kendra Spade

by admin on Jun.21, 2018, under Asian

Kendra just loves eating Pho. Who doesn’t? It is said food can be an aphrodisiac and just watching Kendra slurp down those noodles gets Jake hot. Damn she looks hot enjoying her food. Soon enough the two are all over each other and his cock has taken place of the noodles in her mouth. She slobbers all over the place and her gushy Asian takeout box is sloppy and ready for business. This pussy is a wet lathering hole just gaping for cock. Wow. He fucks the living eggroll out of this girl.

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Menage A Tranny #2 – Ruckus & Lena Kelly & Ember Snow

by admin on Jun.11, 2018, under Asian

It’s late. Near closing when two beautiful women walk into the bar. It’s been a long and night so it’s time to wind down. And so it came to pass that Ruckus is confronted with two gorgeous horny women flashing their tits wanting a threesome on their own terms just out of attraction and horniness. What a lucky day it is. It’s even better when the hot blonde has a cock and the three get down and nasty in the early morning hours with a menage a tranny. Sweet jism gods let there be cum!

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BTS – Blacked Out #09 – Marica Hase

by admin on Mar.15, 2018, under Asian

Stunning japanese Marica Hase’s behind the scene interview

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Blacked Out #09 – Nat Turnher & Marica Hase & Dirk Huge & Jack Blaque & Jax Slayer

by admin on Mar.15, 2018, under Asian

Marica had dreamed as a young girl growing up in tokyo to one day be in a land where massive black men strutted with huge throbbing cocks hanging to their knees and ripe to be sucked. So she worked hard in the sex trade to earn her way to America where she has been living the dream. But today the real fantasy starts as she gets four black man at once. This little Japanese Geisha girl is in black cock heaven as she fucks with the abandon of a ninja, being tossed from one cock to another. All of her holes are pried open as the black cocks find their way into her asshole and dripping cunt with maximum effect. Only mouthfuls of hot cum can begin to satisfy the sexual hunger little Marica has in her soul.

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Blacked Out #09 – Jon Jon & Donny Sins & Moe The Monster Johnson & Kimberly Chi & Derek Davis

by admin on Mar.12, 2018, under Asian

Kimberly Chi is a horny little asian who has always had a hankering for black cock ever since she grew up in Modesto. Today she gets rubbed and worshipped in a hot bath by 4 very sexy and heavily cocked black men. She gets to suck all those cocks while in a tub then taken into a bed room and literally has her pussy pulverized by a massive gang bang as one after another wears that wet hole out. Sweaty and wasted Kimberly gets rejuvenated by massive loads of cum all over her face which she happily gobbles down.

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BTS – Blacked Out #09 – Kimberly Chi

by admin on Mar.12, 2018, under Asian

Hot petite asian Kimberly Chi’s behnd the scene interview

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