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Pornstar Sasha Grey On Entourage!

by tuck on Aug.03, 2010, under Anal, Videos, babe, entourage, gossip, mainstream, pornstar

Holy shit, our favorite pornstar in the whole god damned world has fucked her way into the mainstream! This beautiful brunette bombshell got a deal with the creators of Entourage to put her in their show on a weekly basis, after they caught her in the movie “The Girlfriend Experience”, where she pretty much played herself. In Entourage she plays the girlfriend of one of their main characters, Vincent Chase(acted by Adrian Grenier). Apparently they brought our anal queen in to spice the show up a little bit, and that’s exactly what it’s done. People are twittering and facebooking and blogging all over the net about it! And her presence on the show already procured an ass fucking joke on the big screen! So watch Entourage as a warmup for your cock, and then come on over to us to really bust a nut!

Check out this link to see all the videos and photos we’ve got for our famous ass slut!

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Teen Hooker With Braces

by tuck on Jul.30, 2010, under Interracial, Latina, Videos, blowjob, braces, escort, hooker

Holy fucking shit this is pornworld jackpot! You take one high school drop out, add some braces and a teeny waif babe body and then throw in a fat cock! Latina beauty Paula is a petite little hooker-wannabe that happens to love servicing white dudes. She’ll do pretty much anything for the chance to earn fifty dollars! She gives us a little a sexy strip tease to show off her ass and perky little tits. Then she POV style swallows a beer can sized cock on her knees(see clip). They make sure to remind this little whore not to scrape any dick with her railroad tracks teeth! If you watch the full movie you’ll get to see her tiny cumbox being stretched so wide that she has to take a breather! And her cumming sounds are pretty much the hottest thing ever.

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German Models Have A Spit Fight!

by tuck on Jul.28, 2010, under Amateur, Videos, fetish, german, lesbians, spitting

I have no idea why this shit is so hot, I just know that it is. Perhaps spitting is a metaphor for lubing up a cock to suck, or a pussy to pound. Maybe it’s just the girls version of a jizzshot. Either way, when I saw these two hot bitches hocking loogies all over eachothers massive natural knockers, I had to share it with you! They spit buckets on eachother, including their pretty model type faces. And the best part is when the brunette slut actually unloads a wad of spit right down her busty friends throat! And if you watch the full scene, you get to see them showing off their shaved twats on their back deck! It’s so fucking hot that you do not want to miss it! Thank your lucky stars for bonerworthy kinked-out lesbians !

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Venus Stuffs Her Piehole

by tuck on Jul.23, 2010, under Amateur, Euro, Solo, Videos, model, toys

Venus is a gorgeous nineteen year old european model that knows how to make herself cum. She has a jizzworthty teen body with a perfect set of C-cups with giant fucking areolas that will make your mouth water. We almost never get real models, but apparently she saw our ad in the paper, and got super excited about the idea of masturbating on film! We warned her that it may hurt her career, but this slut does not give a god damn! She’s just horny as fuck and wants to show off! She four fingers her hungry hole until she’s so filled up that her pink stretches on her hand. This clip shows her spitting on her pussy to lube it up, and then pounding herself hard with a huge black dildo! If you watch the full video you’ll get to see her doing herself from behind until she starts moaning, swearing like a nasty girl and having a real orgasm!

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Cum Faced Foot Job

by tuck on Jul.21, 2010, under Anal, Double Penetration, Euro, Foot Fetish, Videos, atm, cumshot, orgy

Super sexy french model types take on a group of middle aged men in a no holes barred fuckaganza! These sexy whores get pounded in every orifice until they cum like crazy and shout out in european jibber jabber! And their throats get reamed so fucking hard theire faces turn red and they get tears pouring down their cheeks. And they love every minute of it! These bitches are begging to get nailed! The clip here shows a girl with a mega sized wad of spunk all over her face sucking cock. She literally looks like a human cum sprinkler. And as she inhales this dudes rock hard tool, she uses her bare feet to jerk off another guy! So all you foot fetish guys out there better prepare for a nut bust on your screen! Watch the whole movie to see ass trashing and cum guzzling good times!

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Skinny Girl Shaves Her Pussy

by tuck on Jul.08, 2010, under Amateur, Skinny, Videos, shaving, softcore, waif

Adorable amateur teen Sophie gets butt naked and lets us film her taking a bubblebath. She’s crazy skinny with a perfect waif babe body and the tiniest perky tits ever. This cutie doesn’t even have to wear a bra! She starts shaving her legs and underarms while chatting away about sex and how she likes girls too. She even tells us how dumb boys are! Then we caught her using a razor on her pink pussy. Listen to her giggling and giving herself sexy pussy a makeover! If you want to see Sophie doing more than shaving her snatch, click through our amateur videos and catch her sucking cock and masturbating until she cums!

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Upside Down German Sexo

by tuck on Jun.29, 2010, under Amateur, BDSM, Threesome, Videos, german

Weird german master becomes a sub bitch boy when he flips himself upside down and lets a slut ride his cock in a twisted version of cowgirl style. I have no idea how this dude is able to plow pussy in this way, but it’s so strange that I’m fucking impressed! It almost looks like they’re sharing a double dildo! Her slut friend watches on and tries to join in on this schlong ride, but you can tell the girl bouncing is never getting off his stick. And if you watch the full scene you’ll catch some ass spanking, face fucking and double snatch stuffing! I just wish someone would tell this dude to take his fucking socks off!

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Manuel Ferrera Teases Davia

by tuck on Jun.24, 2010, under Anal, Big Boobs, Videos, blowjob, latin, pornstar, toys

Famous male pornstar Manuel Ferrera is here to fuck the hell out of bombshell blonde hottie Davia Ardell! She’s a latina sexpot with a perfect set of jugs and a tight little snatch! He shoves a dildo in and out of her mouth, while filming the back and forth POV head with his camera! Crazy good shots of her plump lips opening wide to service his toy. And this clip has him smacking her round ass cheeks too! If you watch the full scene you’ll get to see her butthole torn up by that dildo and his even bigger tool! He fucks her plowhole so hard that you can practically see her brain because her gape is so big! He should tighten his watch so he doesn’t lose it inside of her! Oh and let’s not forget that the beginning of this movie has the sexy cumslut Davia in a boxing match with Manuel to see who loses!

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POV College Cock Sucker

by tuck on Jun.22, 2010, under Amateur, Big Boobs, POV, Teen, Videos, babe, college, cumshot

The best part about POV porn, and the number one reason it has gotten so popular, is that it’s as close to virtual reailty fucking as you can get. You can literally yank your dong while staring at a slut bobbing knob and pretending that knob is attached to your body! We’re talking extreme closeup dick nursing and graphic footage that looks exactly like it would if you were getting serviced. Ashlynn Brooke is one of the best examples of a hot as fuck pov flick. This blonde, blue eyed REAL college coed is smoking hot and has a set of monster sized jugs that look insane on her tiny waist. She gets picked up in a mall shopping for a new pair of kicks, when we convince her to open up her holes in exchange for some cold, hard cash. Ashlynn slurps up a fat tool up on the roof while cars are driving by underneath her! This cutie milks his meat until he’s rock hard and starts stuffing her cunt POV style! And she giggles when she gets a face spray down!

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Curvy Teen Bones A Lollipop

by tuck on Jun.21, 2010, under Amateur, Big Boobs, Natural, Teen, Unusual Insertions, Videos, babe, food

Jerk your meat to some massive natural knockers that are oddly perky as fuck! Before we hired her, we even made her do the pencil test! Sexy real amateur teeny bopper Cass isn’t your typical anorexic model type. That’s not to say this little cumwhore aint hot. She’s a thick in all the right places babe with mindblowing curves, and the sweetest blue eyes. Cass is super foxy and so fresh out of high school that you can smell the virgin coming from her extra-tight snatch. Speaking of her snatch, please observe how god damn pink and perfect hers is! It almost looks fake. This video has her butt naked on her kitchen sink, legs spread wide open and jugs standing tall and proud. She starts playing with her clit with a cherry lollipop. She gets so turned on that she shoves it inside her slit until her pussy juices are mixed with cherry sugar! This clip sports some extreme closeup footage of her sexy, shaved snatch stuffing! I fucking love it when sluts get inventive with their sex toys!

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There Aren’t Enough Holes!

by tuck on Jun.18, 2010, under Big Boobs, Big Dick, Blonde, Interracial, Videos, pornstar

There aren’t enough holes in this ho for all these fucking thug cocks! But somehow smoking hot pornstar Trina Michaels manages to service all eight of these huge black dongs in this interracial gangbang flick. She’s a mega busty cumwhore that loves dark meat in all her jizzholes. Her body is so fucking tight you could pretty much blow your wad just pounding her armpit! This clip has her on her knees going back and forth between a gang of black dicks, slurping them all the way down her throat like it’s a fucking frozen daquiri! She laps up balls and lets them grope those insane jugs of hers! If you see the full scene, you’ll catch her getting double penetrated while she gets face fucked at the same time!

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College Party Cunnilingus

by admin on Sep.24, 2008, under Blonde, Cunnilingus, Shaved, Videos

Things get wild at this college party. She gets naked and puts her shaved snatch right on to his waiting mouth. I think she likes the attention, and getting her clit sucked.

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